Gooyoung Kang

Fitness Coach

Goo Young is a firm believer of sustainable results can be achieved when training and diet are coupled. Accountant turned Fitness Coach, Goo Young’s meticulous nature delivers training programs with clear instructions for clients to achieve effective results. He savours the delight of his clients when they see the sustainable results achieved on their physiques. With his knowledge as a Sports Science undergraduate, Goo Young sets out to balance the biomechanics of human body and food nutrition to enhance their daily life.

Personal Accreditations

Year  Accredited by Description
Actively Pursuing PSB Bachelors Degree in Sports Science
2018 Eleiko Education Eleiko Strength Coach Level 1
2017 Precision Nutrition PN Level 1
2017 ACE (American Council for Exercise) ACE Certified Personal Trainer

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