Benny Soon


When I first engaged Coach Twain, I was not sure about the end results as it was my very first time trying to do a fatloss program and managing my nutrition. I was also unsure if I had to make many sacrifices for the program but I thought I just jump into it anyways. From the start, Twain was really encouraging and also flexible at the same time. He was often able to advise on adjustments to fit in my social, work and personal/family commitments. Looking back, I’m really glad that he took the time to set my mindset right and help me manage expectations for what I could achieve based on the level of effort I was comfortable giving. We had 1 major goal, which was to bring my bodyfat down to 15% from 26%. By the end of the program we managed to surpass that and I reached a level of leanness that I had never experienced before. It’s a first for me, and I feel much healthier and fitter in my daily function. One key thing that has helped me maintain my new body are all the habits I have instilled over throughout the entire process. Twain helped me understand my own pattern of behaviour and make little tweaks and suggestions to my daily habits throughout the time he was coaching me, which allowed me to ‘graduate’ from his coaching and independently maintain my new figure. This is perhaps the most valuable takeaway from my journey with Twain and I am really glad to have worked with him.