Previously a sceptic, Now a client.


  • "I never understood why I was frequently falling ill until I came to Elevate360."

    The insightful assessments highlighted areas of my health and fitness that I was not conscious about. After acting on the advice I was given, I'm now in a much better condition. My lifestyle has changed for good. 

    Rachel Sales Director & Working Mother
  • "Just 5 sessions in, I have learnt so much about how some lifestyle habits were hindering me from sleeping well every night.

    Taking ownership of my life has never been more positive.

    Sharon T
    Sharon T Business Consultant & Art Enthusiast
  • Winsen has been extremely helpful in working with me on my wrist injury.

    Despite feeling recurring weakness for several years, I am now able to feel the strength returning as I come in for physiotherapy sessions regularly. I believe the sessions have allowed me to start using the muscles around my wrist more, without overexerting them.

    Shermaine L.
    Shermaine L. student
  • "I was able to see myself getting progressively better after every session! ”

    I was referred to Winsen by my sports doctor after coming down with shoulder, leg and back injuries, mostly caused by accidents while doing sports. He managed to help resolve them after a few of months of physiotherapy! I was able to see myself getting progressively better after every session! He has the necessary knowledge and skills to pinpoint what the problem areas were, and taught me how to take preventive measures, like strengthening exercises, to protect myself from similar injuries. He also taught me how to relief certain pains by doing stretches. I know I can always count on him if I have any physiotherapy needs in the future!

    Lemuel Lau
    Lemuel Lau Free spirited, Dog Lover and now in the best shape of my life
  • "My bodyfat down to 15% from 26%. It’s a first for me.”

    When I first engaged Coach Twain, I was not sure about the end results as it was my very first time trying to do a fatloss program and managing my nutrition. I was also unsure if I had to make many sacrifices for the program but I thought I just jump into it anyways. From the start, Twain was really encouraging and also flexible at the same time. He was often able to advise on adjustments to fit in my social, work and personal/family commitments. Looking back, I’m really glad that he took the time to set my mindset right and help me manage expectations for what I could achieve based on the level of effort I was comfortable giving. We had 1 major goal, which was to bring my bodyfat down to 15% from 26%. By the end of the program we managed to surpass that and I reached a level of leanness that I had never experienced before. It’s a first for me, and I feel much healthier and fitter in my daily function. One key thing that has helped me maintain my new body are all the habits I have instilled over throughout the entire process. Twain helped me understand my own pattern of behaviour and make little tweaks and suggestions to my daily habits throughout the time he was coaching me, which allowed me to ‘graduate’ from his coaching and independently maintain my new figure. This is perhaps the most valuable takeaway from my journey with Twain and I am really glad to have worked with him.

    Benny Soon
    Benny Soon Engineer
  • “Constant contact via Whatsapp and Emails made it easier for me. Dedication 101.”

    Big shoutout to Coach Twain for his training and diet advice that helped me reach my goals of focusing growth on my chest, back and calves. And of course losing fat! This was done in a short TWO months while I was away on a holiday!   Aesthetics aside, I had great improvements in my ankle mobility, which had been giving me issues for a while. Not only am I looking better, my body feels way more functional!   Each training session lasted no more than 1.5 hours, and I was at the gym 3 to 4 days a week. I strongly recommend him and his professional team of trainers to help you with your health and fitness goals.

    Jeremy Banker
  • “Sharon’s training sessions did not get easier after a while, but I was much happier a person. My confidence grew too!”

    Before i started training with coach Sharon, i never understood the state of my health or fitness. I've always thought that losing weight is all about the number on the scale, it did not occur to me that being skinner, healthy or fitter is more than just that. Within a short period of my three weeks stay in Singapore, Coach Sharon helped me understand how imperative it is to be strong, fit and healthy, not only that, she also helped me understand the state of my body, things i never knew before! Now exercising has become a habit of mine. Sharon is an awesome coach, she always knew what my body can handle, what my limitations were and encourage me to step out of my comfort zone. Despite feeling that trainings were tough and impossible when i initially started, I felt myself improving at each training session with Sharon's constant encouragement. Sharon was also really thoughtful to teach me how to continue working out by myself when i return back to Seoul. Truly appreciative of her.

    Jessica, Shian Ru
    Jessica, Shian Ru
  • “ I set a goal in 2015 to take part in a physique competition. Every week I literally saw my body change. I got ripped and eventually placed 2nd in my category for the physique nationals.”

    I was always training hard in the gym but I had no idea how to really get my diet right. I set a goal in 2015 to take part in a physique competition. That's when I found Coach Twain. He helped me meticulously with my diet and contest prep. Every week I literally saw my body change. I got ripped and eventually placed 2nd in my category for the physique nationals. It's amazing how his plans literally work like magic when I follow them to the letter. I’m really grateful to Twain for sharing with me not only the plan but also educating me throughout the process. Without his guidance I could never have achieved my current physique. Anyone looking to achieve their fitness goals, Twain and his team will get you on the right track!

    Reshveen Entreprenuer
  • “I was able to lose 9kg in 10 weeks, all while barely feeling like I had to make huge sacrifices in my food choices.”

    When I first approached Coach Twain, I was already a pretty active individual. I ran regularly, and was an active member of my dragon boat team. However, no matter how I tried, I couldn’t lose weight despite keeping such an active lifestyle.   The first thing Twain did was explain to me the importance of eating right. I always thought that meant I had to count my calories and cook my own meals. However, he managed to help me with lifestyle changes, constantly tracking my progress by maintaining constant contact with me through Whatsapp. I didn’t need to count calories and just followed the eating guidelines that he had set for me.  By working on portion control methods, I was able to lose 9kg in 10 weeks, all while barely feeling like I had to make huge sacrifices in my food choices. I originally had some shoulder and back pains from my years of rowing, but now I’m able to move better and the pains are virtually gone.  Training-wise, I was in the gym training 4 days a week, each session lasting no more than an hour! Considering that’s barely 2.3% of my time, I think it was definitely a worthwhile investment! My coworkers and peers have even complimented me on my leaner self, and I feel way less lethargic at this lighter weight than I did before. I’m really thankful to have found Twain and can’t wait to embark on my next transformation package!

    Zach Tan
    Zach Tan Accountant
  • “More than often Chee Chong, would look out of the box in search of answers prior to pains and injuries, to aid others in reaching their personal goals and most importantly keeping them pain free!”

    Before I came to knew Chee Chong, I was troubled by injuries and probably facing my lowest point in training for the longest time, not being able to squat properly and repping out big numbers like before.  I even had problem racking out the bar as pain starts shooting down my lumbar even before engaging in a squat. Chee Chong readily discovered my weaknesses and was generous to share his knowledge of activating my muscles before training. Breaking the traditional barrier of just foam rolling and stretching. Chee Chong was a firm believer of activation exercises, and had instilled good training philosophies to not only me but also many others. I would not have realized that my weakness in gluteus and core could actually cause pain in my lumbar, which snowballed and finally took its toll causing a herniated disc. Working along with Chee Chong, I came to understand the importance of activation exercises, strengthening my weak points and working around injuries. It did not took me long till my first squat session in the gym, and to my surprise there wasn’t a relapse in pain shooting down the lumbar ever since. Chee Chong was always there to answer my endless questions and did not hesitate to go the distance, and keeping me injury free.  Being to experience sports injuries himself, he is in the best position to guide and advice. He never fails to look at things from my perspective and would give me optimal training advices throughout.

    Darren Ko
    Darren Ko National Serviceman
  • “I have since been able to be active once again, without the need to pop any painkillers. My Life Saver Chee!”

    I experienced increasing sciatic pain after being diagnosed with PID (prolapsed intervetebral disc) since 2014 which impeded a lot of my daily activities as simple as standing up for my bed in the morning or even walking down the stairs.   Over the course of these 2 years, i had no choice but to increasingly consume large amount of painkillers such as NSAIDS and Gabapentin, in combination with regular physio sessions, to temporarily relieve the sharp and acute unbearable pain i had to live with everyday. with no improvements made after half a year, my doctor then decided to refer me to a pain specialist to better manage my pain by undergoing epidural and steroid injections.   I knew it was time for me to listen to my body and get into shape, not just conditioning, but at the same time strengthening. with that in mind, i got in contact with my long time friend Chee Chong at Elevate Gym after much procrastination to help me out. the arduous and rigorous process over the next 6 months not only vastly improved my condition but also increased the understanding of my back with the help of my extremely patient and knowledgable private trainer Chee Chong.

    Eleanor Nurse
  • “I can enjoy training more with little to no pain! THANK YOU Chee!”

    I used to have pretty bad hip and back pain due to the frequency and intensity of my trainings, during which I never knew how to or understood the importance of acquiring the right technique in order perform my lifts. Letting Chee Chong listen to my concerns has certainly allowed him to greatly help me in terms of both training and recovery. Not only does his (massage sessions?!) help in relieving me of any aches, he also guides me on the different breathing drills I can do prior to and after training that will facilitate in keeping my body "tight", as well as to actively fire the required muscle groups, which has helped in improving my performance while taking care of my body at the same time. More importantly, CC continues to monitor my rehab process by consistently checking in on my recovery, giving me specific treatment whenever necessary.

    Lay Teng
    Lay Teng Teacher
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