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A Fashion-Lover’s Rigorous Weight Loss Journey | Elevate360

When he could not fit into any of the stylish clothes he loved wearing, 22-year-old Tommy figured
it’s time for a lifestyle change. Read about his journey here.


Many young people like to look good in their fashion of choice and 22-year-old Tommy Liu is no exception. However, the young entrepreneur gained unwanted weight, leading to ill-fitting clothes that made him lose confidence in himself. Read about his road to fitness and how Elevate360 helped him get back in shape and into the clothes he loves.


Unfit for Fashion

Tommy Liu, a 22-year-old business owner, likes fashion. He owns lots of shoes and tops and he mixes and matches these with different pieces of jewelry. Like many young metrosexuals, Tommy always wanted to look good, whether he was just sitting in his office or going out with friends.However, Tommy wasn’t really doing much in the way of physical activities. Like most careers in the corporate world, his chosen job kept him tied to his desk for hours, on end. What’s more, he was not eating very healthily and, as he described, he was just “chilling around.”All of these factors pointed to a sedentary lifestyle.This resulted in Tommy gaining unwanted weight. At his heaviest, he reached 81 kg with a body fat percentage of 26.51 per cent. Men with a body fat percentage higher than 25 per cent are considered obese. In fact, for his age, Tommy should have only had 8 to 19 per cent body fat.With his waistline expanding to 92 cm, Tommy’s fashionable clothes did not fit him anymore. And what clothing did fit was no longer flattering, given his appearance. According to Tommy, his excessive weight gain caused him to feel unhappy with the way he looked.“Honestly, I just felt very sluggish and the thought of not being able to wear the nice clothes that I loved was very depressing for me,” he said.

Being Proactive about Losing Weight

Tommy used the negativity he was feeling to take back control of his body. He realized that if he wanted to correct his lifestyle, he needed guidance from a professional. So, Tommy hired a personal trainer. The aim was for the trainer to help him work out at home. However, the original trainer bailed on him to pursue other interests.Fortunately, Tommy discovered Elevate360. A modern fitness studio that offers an array of health and fitness services, Elevate360 uses a proven methodology in empowering individuals to achieve and sustain a healthier lifestyle.


A New Start

Of course, when Tommy discovered Elevate360, he was, understandably, a little apprehensive. After being previously disappointed by a personal trainer, he was not sure if going to another fitness coach was the right thing to do. Still, Tommy was determined to get back in shape. So, he met with Coach Twain and it was good news all around. According to Tommy, during their initial meeting, the coach did a fantastic job explaining the process he would have to undergo. He knew what his role was in his own fitness journey and understanding the process helped assuage whatever fears and misgivings he had. With the clear goal of shedding excess fat and fitting into his clothes again, Tommy began his journey to fitness with Coach Twain at Elevate360.

A Rigorous Lifestyle Plan

When Tommy met up with Coach Twain, they immediately worked together to create a comprehensive plan to reach Tommy’s fitness goals. They called it a Lifestyle Plan and it included details like his meal plan structure, flexible eating strategies, training regime, as well as how to maximize his exercise efficiency.

As was evident in the Lifestyle Plan, the fitness strategy customized for Tommy focused on nutrition and physical training. These two aspects work in tandem to sculpt the body into the desired shape. According to Coach Twain, during Tommy’s first month with Elevate360, they focused on developing simple healthy eating habits. Tommy used to eat foods that upset his stomach, so they looked for healthy and delicious meals that did not induce his stomach flareups. Tommy also learned about macronutrients and their role in his diet, as well as how to choose the right food whenever he’s eating out.

All this new information and habits helped prevent Tommy from over-consuming food and kept his energy levels up.As the months went on, Tommy’s food became increasingly self-prepared. This allowed him to eat meals tailored to his dietary needs. It also decreased the temptation of ordering low-quality, unhealthy food whenever he would eat out. During the third month, Coach Twain tightened Tommy’s diet. Most of his meals were self-prepared, only having social meals twice a week. Then, after a time, they gradually increased his food intake to help him transition to weight maintenance mode.

As for the physical training, Coach Twain first assessed Tommy’s major weaknesses and targeted the first phase of training to address those. He also taught Tommy basic workout movements and cardio-based exercises to condition his body for the next, more rigorous phases of training. Then, Tommy’s training gradually intensified. The volume of his exercise sets increased and he performed more exercises with higher coordination requirements. In his third month of training, Coach Twain pushed him harder. He performed high-intensity circuits and tackled training weights, pushing his strength limits.

Throughout all this hard work, Coach Twain maintained open communication lines with Tommy. Whatever questions and suggestions Tommy might have had, Coach Twain was open to them. Plus, as rigorous as the physical and nutritional training were, they were flexible enough to accommodate Tommy’s needs on the occasional off days without sacrificing his training goals.



Fit for New Outfits

In the end, all of Tommy’s hard work paid off. After three months of personal training at Elevate360 with Coach Twain, Tommy was down to 67.5 kg and 15.3 per cent of body fat. His waistline also slimmed down to 72 cm. Apart from a slimmer body, though, Tommy got other things from his personal training sessions at Elevate360.

He developed healthier eating habits, learned how to adjust his physical activities to maintain his weight and said goodbye to negative coping habits, like drinking alcohol, whenever he was undergoing a rough patch in life. Tommy says, “I also feel a higher level of confidence in tackling other problems that I may face.

I feel more energetic at this lighter weight and can’t believe how horrible I had felt previously when I was heavier.”

Now enjoying a healthier lifestyle and fitter physique, Tommy once again feels confident about wearing stylish clothing.

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