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Simmonette’s story:



Female 14.6 kg weight loss | Elevate 360

With the help of Elevate 360, Simmonette Tan achieved her fitness goal in a span of six months.
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Simmonette Tan, a 34-year-old professional photographer had always been a fairly confident person. Although she wouldn’t have said she is in terrible shape, she wasn’t in the best shape either, and if the truth be told, she wanted to lose weight, burn fat, and get into a better shape with toning and conditioning her body. Like many people, she wanted a better version of herself, and to her credit, she went out and sought help, here’s how it shaped up.

Simmonette Tan


A time-specific goal

Simmy realized that she had to do something that would take her out of her comfort zone, something that would really motivate her and give her a goal to strive for. Many would just be happy doing a little more exercise, or not having that donut during lunch. That would have been one way to start.But for Simmy, a loving mother who wanted to be a positive role model to her daughter, she set herself up with a personal challenge by joining a body physique competition. She came up with a definite and time-specific goal, and her aim is to be ready to compete when that competition came around. She had set her own challenges and determinants for her success. But she knew she needed professional help.

Finding the right guidance

To prepare for the competition, she worked with gym trainers and these attempts initially showed some results. However, they only did so for a short time. The trainers were okay but failed to provide long term guidance. She felt like her attempts were not being fully optimized, and the approaches were unsustainable, something was definitely lacking. None of what Simmy was doing was really propelling her forward the way that she needed it to. The trainers she had worked with previously were nice enough but Simmy began feeling like, they could not provide her with a working strategy to achieve her fitness goals. Determination, she had by the bucketful, but what she needed was true expertise guidance with the professional know-how, so she could be fully ready for the competition.

A rewarding journey with Elevate 360

She heard about the positive testimonials and good recommendations about Elevate 360 gym that offers personalized one-on-one coaching that targets weight/fat loss. Although skeptical because of her experience with other coaches and trainers, she gave it one last try. She signed up for an initial trial package, which marked the beginning of her rewarding journey with Elevate 360.


A specific program for Simmy’s goal

Coach Twain planned a detailed program specially designed and tailored for Simmy’s fitness goal. He made a plan and set specific milestones detailing what was needed and how to achieve these milestones within the time given. In every step of her journey, there was regular reviewing and consistent guidance for her progress, something she has always wanted for her weight loss journey but had never got from her former coaches. For the first time, Simmy felt that her own determination was being matched to the expertise and dedication of her coach.

Bringing mind and body together for long term results

During the weight loss journey with Elevate 360, not only did Coach Twain provided an effective fitness & nutrition strategy, but he also provided mental and motivational support to Simmy. He knew that such a goal can be an uphill task for anyone. In order to help her cope with the changes and challenges that come with every fitness journey, Coach Twain provided Simmy with extensive coaching in mindset change and habits building that produces endurance. According to Simmy, Coach Twain was very different from the other coaches she has worked with before. With Coach Twain, she had complete trust in his game plan and road map to achieve her success.He looked not only at her physical requirements but assessed how she could reach them by playing it to her strengths. Success was not left to chance, every step of the way, Coach Twain was getting deeper insights during every session to improve and optimize efficiency in the workouts to help Simmy achieve her goals faster than with her previous coaches, she was always left with more questions every meeting. But with Elevate 360, there was a certainty, direction, and reassurance.



Habits To High Performance

With the methodology from Elevate 360, Simmy reframed her mind, where nutrition and fitness can easily be a lifestyle. With that, she lost 14.5 kg and achieved the physique she wanted for her competition. Not only did Simmy change for the better physically, but she also has a new and improved mindset. She had become a firm believer in consistency, hard work, and willpower to achieve anything. Now, she welcomes challenges with positivity and the belief that she can achieve her goal and tick off every milestone. Through her fitness journey with Elevate 360, she was able to see what really works and is no longer enticed by fads and miracle options. Now armed with new knowledge about fitness and fresh perspective and mindset, there is only one way to go for Simmy – the way is UP! no way to go but up for Simmy. Now, there’s no stopping her in achieving more milestones, becoming healthier and growing stronger.

Simmy’s Recommendation

Simmy now whole-heartedly recommends Elevate 360 to anyone who is serious about making lasting changes. According to Simmy, her Coach and the whole team care about her and her progress. This is something she did not experience with the coaches she worked with before. Elevate 360 genuinely want to help you succeed and are not afraid, to be honest with you on how hard it is going to be. But don’t be afraid, we’ll be with you every step of the way, cheering you on and getting you to your goals.


A definite YES. For those who are serious about making lasting changes for life. Twain and his team at Elevate360 actually care about me and my success and they are not afraid to be honest with me. This is so hard to find in most other services.”

 Simonette, 34 

(Photographer & Mother)




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