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Sheen’s 20kg weight loss journey:


Sheen Cher

Sheen Cher | 22 | Overseas Student

Transformation In 6 Mths
20Kg Weight Loss | 14.5 % Fat Loss | Dropped 2 Dress Size


2 years back, Sheen was studying abroad in Switzerland. For the first time being alone in a foreign land, snacking and binging on local snacks and food was the way for Sheen to overcome the feelings of homesickness. Over the span of time, Sheen struggled with habitual snacking and poor diets that landed her in twice her size before she left for overseas study.


Loss Of Self Confidence

After the return to Singapore, Sheen’s parents were concerned and suggested if she should consult a medical professional for her health condition.Sheen was shattered with a sense of the loss of her self-confidence and struggled with the regrets on how she hadn’t taken care of herself during the time away from home.

Research For A Safe Solution With Fast & Lasting Results

Feeling discouraged but at the same time, Sheen decided to embark on a  research to find a solution whether its with slimming centres, yoga, cross fit  classes or health products in the market. However, Sheen found none suitable as she wants a safe solution with fast and lasting results to regain her health, fitness and wellness.

A Beginner – Zero Experience With Personal Trainings

That’s where during the hunt, Sheen stumbled upon Elevate360 gym that offers personalised on-on-one coaching for beginners that targets weight/fat loss. Being a first timer who had zero experience with gym fitness, she decided to seek consultation with Elevate360.


Initial Consultation & Assessment 

Upon the initial consultation, Sheen was given a body fat analysis assessment to help her find out her body fat % as well as what to expect for reaching her fat loss goals.

Assessing Fitness Readiness With Functional Movement Screening

At the same time, Sheen decided to take up a Functional Movement Screening (FMS) to help her assess  if her current body condition is ready for some serious workouts since she had not been exercising for years. This is an essential and critical assessment to ensure her fitness readiness and an audit to identify and prevent potential injuries.

Goals Setting & Develop A Workout Game Plan  

With those audit reports on hand, Chee sat Sheen down to set realistic goals with timeline, schedule & habits commitments. Subsequently, Chee developed a game plan with combination of personal fitness training and nutrition coaching to help her with fast weight loss results. This is the ultimate turning point for Sheen when she felt like she could start taking back control in redesigning her lifestyle and habits for Life 2.0.

A Tailored Personal Training Plan For Beginners  

Since Sheen had not exercised for a relative period of time, Chee had to start her off with a series of basic conditioning fitness program to slowly assimilate her into high intensive fitness exercises.In order not to intimidate and overwhelm Sheen with the workouts, Chee took an approach to understand and work with her personality strengths to motivate her and introduce various workouts at a time whenever Sheen was ready to step up to the next level of intensity.Every step of the journey, Chee was there to coach, motivate and accommodate to her fitness levels and explore alternative when deem necessary to ensure Sheen is on track to achieve her fat loss goals.

Tackling Diet & Nutrition

For optimal results, diet and nutrition is a foundational building block to the success of weight & fat loss journey. Amy, a nutritional coach with Elevate360 started to work with Sheen by educating her on clean eating. This is a series of classes where Sheen was able gain some theoretical  and practical lessons on nutrition, understanding the macros and micros in her diet. Learning to cook with her favourite recipes, Sheen was more motivated than ever to keep the good habits of clean eating.



Habits To High Performance

Throughout this transformational journey with the several coaches and trainers, Sheen experienced a change in her mind and habits there translated into high performance. She no longer feared that she could not achieve any goals, instead she was built with grit to becoming a high performer.

Transformation In Image & Style

After the transformation and reboot in her shapelier body, Sheen wanted a whole new look and feel of herself to regain self-confidence and esteem. Our Image Coach & Collaborator – Olivia Koh helped Sheen with a change in her style, image and personal branding, presenting the Elevated 2.0 Sheen Cher with a new lease of life.

A New Confidence Emerged

Armed with her knowledge and a recharged mind and body, Sheen emerged with a new confidence, even after returning to Switzerland for further studies, she could maintain a healthy lifestyle and keep up the fitness regime.

Lasting Results

After 4 Months of her return from school break, she was glad to report of her lasting results. Sheen was glad she gave a go to this training program with Elevate360, and never looked back.




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