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Fitness Success: A 23.3 kg Weight Loss in Six Months | Elevate360

An aspiring powerlifter, Duston was having a hard time getting in shape for the weight category he wanted.
Read all about how training at Elevate360 helped.


Duston always had excess fat on his body; being busy with his career, he failed to take care of his fitness goal. But when his weight started interfering with simple tasks and the things he wanted to pursue, he realized he should take charge of his health. Here’s how Duston succeeded.


The Start of a Challenging Year

The year 2018 was a difficult one for Duston Quek Han Loong. As a successful sales executive, he didn’t always have time to take care of his health and it showed on his body. During this time, he was at his heaviest, weighing in at 90.3 kg.But having always been on the heavier side of the scale, Duston says that fitness always seemed more like a dream than a reality. This mindset didn’t help him with trying to lose weight. In fact, he always felt unhealthy and sluggish and he lacked the motivation to improve.Then, Duston experienced rock bottom with his weight problems: he realized he couldn’t even climb the stairs without breaking a sweat or feeling out of breath. That was when Duston recognized that his weight wasn’t healthy and he needed to change it for the better.

A Ray of Hope

Soon after, Duston also came across a sport that piqued his interest and further inspired him to work hard on losing unwanted weight: powerlifting. A sport that relies on developing raw muscular strength, powerlifting became a powerful motivator for Duston.So, he took it upon himself to train. He figured he could do some gym time, train and then lose enough weight, making him qualify for a powerlifting competition. Unfortunately, Duston didn’t see any progress with his weight. What’s worse is he got injured trying to train on his own.After this series of failed attempts at getting fitter and healthier, Duston was feeling pretty down. It seemed like nothing he did was working. But, you know what they say: when one gym door closes, another one opens. That’s when he discovered Elevate360.


Finding the Right Fit

As a fitness studio offering personalized training that focuses on fat loss, Elevate360 was exactly what someone like Duston needed. But, since he never tried having someone else train him before, he was skeptical. Duston wasn’t sure at first if having a personal trainer was what he needed to reach his fitness goals.Fortunately, personal training proved exactly what Duston needed. With the help of Coaches Twain and Chee Chong, he started his weight loss journey and training for a powerlifting competition.

The Right Diet and Exercise

Duston’s journey to a healthier lifestyle started small. Coach Chee created a specific training plan that included workouts Duston could do at home. Given that he had previous experiences working out on his own, this set-up worked. In addition, this gave Duston control over when he’d do his workouts given his busy schedule as a sales executive. Then, Coach Chee dedicated one-on-one workout sessions with Duston to help him work on his functional movements. Through these training sessions, Duston was able to correct existing movement issues he had in his body.The pre-habilitation exercises Coach Chee had him go through also helped ensure that Duston could train harder and harder with minimal risk of injury. As part of his powerlifting training, Coach Chee also worked with Duston to adjust his lifting techniques and maximise his development.

Of course, apart from tailoring his physical activities to achieve his fitness goals, Duston had to make changes in his diet. It was Coach Twain who helped him out in this area. A long-time expert on the proper diet necessary when undergoing training, he was able to nail down key dieting factors tailored to Duston’s lifestyle.During the nutritional coaching sessions with Coach Twain, Duston was able to better understand the role of nutrition in fat loss. Before, Duston viewed dieting as a “dreary eating plant tied to hard, painful efforts.”

He wasn’t alone in this viewpoint. Most people find dieting difficult because the brain and the stomach rarely agree on what and how much to eat.However, with Coach Twain’s help, Duston’s misconception about dieting was corrected. The nutritional coach worked with him to create a custom diet plan and gave key nutritional tips that helped him prepare his meals. Duston acknowledged that Coach Twain’s efforts “played big roles, both mentally and physically, making dieting not only fun but also effortless.”The 31-year-old aspiring powerlifter understood his body better and realized that the discipline and effort he put into eating right paid off in a healthier, stronger body.

These separate coaching sessions were coupled with constant support from the coaches through messaging application WhatsApp. There were also frequent and rigorous reviews to keep track of Duston’s fitness journey. These added measures of support further motivated Duston and helped him stay on track to reach his fitness goals.



A Fitter, Stronger Person

Duston started his journey as a 90.3 kg person struggling even to do simple things like climb stairs; but, in just six months, the same man transformed into a healthy, muscular person who was 23.3 kg lighter. Duston dropped three weight classes down and even competed in a powerlifting contest.According to him, the rigorous reviewing system played an immense part in keeping him on track with his goals. When he faced challenges achieving those goals, the system gave his trainers enough reaction time to make adjustments and address those challenges.But the best thing about Duston’s personal training sessions at Elevate360 was that he came away with much more than just a fitter body – he has maintained the good fitness habits instilled in him while training. He also knows now how to adjust his eating patterns, allowing him to maintain his weight and continue enjoying the results of a better, healthier lifestyle.With changes made in habits and lifestyle, plus a whole lot of perseverance and determination to do better, Duston was able to turn his health around.

When you workout in Elevate360’s modern fitness studio with the help of our team of health and fitness experts, who knows? Yours could be the next success story. We’re fully equipped to help you achieve your health and body goals so you not only look good, but also feel good.Start your transformation now. Contact Elevate360 for more information and free trial.




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