The 360 Fitness Solution



Be physically transformed, a stronger person inside out.

Engage in active training sessions that are focused on body mastery, fat burn, strength building and physique shaping.


Feel the difference on what a nutritional diet can make.

Engage in nutrition theory sessions that will enlighten you on the right food and drink choices.


Earn freedom of movement like never before.

Engage in active movement sessions that are focused on improving agility.


Groom to bloom. Look your best.

Engage in coaching sessions that focus on framing your personal brand with image grooming and styling techniques.

Habits- Building

Live the life you’ve always wanted by planting the right habits in the best spots.

Engage in habit building sessions that focus on getting you into a healthy yet sustainable lifestyle.

Body Fitness


Improve your body physique today by building muscles, getting fitter, stronger and healthier.

Why is this beneficial for you:

  • Helping you to take sustainable action in improving your body physique
  • Helping you to look and feel healthier progressively
  • Helping you to perform better in your respective sports that you are pursuing

What this Body fitness solution aims to achieve for you:

  • Improving your overall body physique
  • Get stronger with better coordination of mobility and muscles
  • Build a positive and active lifestyle through resistance training

What you will get from our Body Fitness Solution:

  • Customized training plan for their goals
  • 1-to-1 coaching sessions
  • Functional movement screen
  • Body fat analysis and girth measurement
  • Weight tracking sheet

Outcomes you
will experience
from our
Body Fitness Solution:

  • A fitter body
  • A stronger body
  • Improved overall confidence
  • Better energy levels
  • Better stress management
  • Improved coordination
  • The ability to exercise on your own, with the right knowledge and habits

Nutrition Fitness


Achieve sustainable lifelong change by adjusting your eating habits and learn what healthy eating really is for you.

Why is this beneficial for you:

  • Helping you to get the short-term results you, but also how to maintain your results long-term
  • Helping you to understand that healthy eating is a lifestyle and does not have to be overly strict on the long run
  • Helping you to find the most effective nutrition solution to support your fitness goals and lifestyle
  • Providing essential guidance in your transition to a better and healthier body

What this Nutrition fitness solution aims to achieve for you:

  • Equipping you with the right nutritional knowledge so they have the skills to adjust your eating habits according to your fitness goals
  • Helping you to understand a link between your sense of well being and the food they eat
  • Helping you achieve good eating habits to maximize your quality of living and enjoyment without being overly strict

What you will get from our Nutrition Fitness Solution:

  • Easy-to-understand nutritional guidance
  • Meal planning
  • Diet/lifestyle audit
  • Grocery shopping
  • Basic meal preparation

Outcomes you
will experience
from our
Nutrition Fitness Solution:

  • Knowing how to manage your food intake to support your physique and lifestyle changes
  • Learning how to spot fake marketing or fad diets and decide what is good for you to embark on
  • Have an in-depth understanding of the foods that work well for you and the foods you should avoid

Nutrition Coaching Package

Empower client with the skills to manage their diet in a non-restrictive and flexible manner to achieve their fitness goals.


  • 4 Sessions
  • 2 Hours per session
  • Over 4 weekends


  • Client will be taught the most important principles of eating for health
  • Client will be given simple to implement actionables specific to their lifestyles to start being healthier
  • Client will learn how to avoid following fad diets and doing what does not work
  • There will be thorough collaboration between Client and Coach (not a one-sided interaction)
  • Client will be able to update and contact coach via a dedicated platform


  • Client will no longer be confused as to what to eat to be healthy
  • Client will not only be able to hit their fitness goals, but also MAINTAIN it
  • Client will be able to do so in a non-restrictive manner

Session #1 – Introduction

Get client to understand the underlying principle behind weight loss, and implement actionables

Before session:

  • Do “Readiness for Change” Questionnaire
  • Do “Lifestyle and Wellbeing Indicator” Questionnaire
  • Minimum 3 day food log diary (2 weekdays and 1 weekend)

Lesson Sequence

  • Nutritional Consultation (30 mins)
  • Introduction to Nutrition Hierarchy and focus on calories (15 mins)
  • Discussion on Easy Actionables (30 mins)


  1. Implement actionable habits and update Trello daily habit checklist.

Session #2 – Understanding Basic Macronutrients

Get client to understand the various types of macronutrients and how to make better food choices

Lesson Sequence

  • Review the previous session (10 mins)
  • Introduction to macronutrients – what are carbs proteins and fats used for (10 mins)
  • Learning how to estimate and identify macronutrients in foods (5 mins)
  • Going through Macronutrient Info Tables (5 mins)
  • Exercise and discussion on structuring one of the meals in daily routine (45 mins)
  • Explaining actionable and homework for the next week. (15 mins)


  1. Make adjustment to one of the meals as discussed and implement.
  2. Update Trello daily with meals.

Session #3 – Teach Food Labels

Teach client how to read food labels

Lesson Sequence

  • Review previous meal session and week’s exercise (10 mins)
  • Go through how much they are eating based on their logging (10 mins)
  • Teach how to interpret a food label (15 mins)
  • Exercise plus discussion on intepreting food labels (15 mins)
  • Understanding an easy way to figure out their daily ‘macros’ and how to estimate them (10 mins)
  • Exercise on how to count macros with the food labels and form own estimation table with their customized foods (30 mins)


  1. Plan multiple meals according to a set of macros given (daily macros divided by number of meals).
  2. Pick out recipe to make for the next session.

Session #4 – Easy Meal Prep

Teach client how to do easy meal prep

Lesson Sequence

  • Review previous Meal Planning session (5 mins)
  • Go on a supermarket tour (45 mins)
  • Prepare meal together (30 mins)
  • Discussion on meal prep optimization for the client (10 mins)


  • Plan out their daily meals to prep and upload on the trello.

Review Session ( 4 Weeks after #4) (60 mins)

To review client’s journey and troubleshoot pain points.

Before session:

  • Do “Lifestyle and Wellbeing Indicator” Questionnaire
  • Do measurements (if necessary)

Lesson Sequence

  • Review progress thus far – compare and contrast measurement data and qualitative survey (10 mins)
  • Troubleshoot client’s meal plan (30 mins)
  • Clarifications (20 mins)


  1. Update macros and establish adjustments to client’s meal planning strategy.

Postural Fitness


Improve your quality of life today by addressing your postural issues like muscular imbalances, constant body aches and pains or postural ailments (eg. scoliosis) with our postural fitness solution.

Why is this beneficial for you:

  • Undergo therapeutic exercises to address those:
    • Persistent migraines
    • Persistent backaches and shoulder aches
    • Postural ailments and unalignments
  • Condition your body correctly to start doing sports again
  • Helping you to increase your overall confidence with correct body postures

What this Postural fitness solution aims to achieve for you:

  • Understand your body better through creating postural awareness.
  • Improve their body posture and how to maintain it.
  • Reduce your muscular imbalances that can trigger headaches, muscular aches and pains.
  • Learning the right technique on how to “stand straight” again.

What you will get from our Postural Fitness Solution:

  • Soft tissue therapy
  • Individualized exercise plan

Outcomes you
will experience
from our
Postural Fitness Solution:

  • Improved overall body posture
  • Reduced body aches and pains
  • Create postural awareness of your body physique
  • Improved confidence
  • Reduce the chance of injuries

Image Fitness


A special Collaboration with Ms Olivia Koh, Technical Director of NEXT Salon. Learn how to enhance the way you present yourself to the world when it comes to your hair and find out the right hair grooming techniques for your hair type today.

Why is this beneficial for you:

  • Increase your image’s confidence by learning how important hair is to one’s image and personal branding

What this Image fitness solution aims to achieve for you:

  • Understand your face shape type and the hairstyles you can pursue
  • Learn how to manage, care and maintain your hair condition long-term
  • Equipping you with the right knowledge in presenting yourself appropriately when it comes to your hair in various settings

What you will get from our Image Fitness Solution:

  • 2 Hair Designs suited to your features and face shape
  • Coaching in Customized Hairstyling Techniques (Night and Day) suited for your face shape
  • Coaching in caring and maintaining your hair the right way effectively
  • Coaching in understanding right kind of hair grooming products suited for your hair type

Outcomes you
will experience
from our
Image Fitness Solution:

  • Knowledge in
    • What hairstyles suit you best
    • Right hair styling techniques for your face shape
    • Most suitable hair grooming products for your hair type
    • Ways to care for your hair type most effectively

Habits-Building Fitness


Understand yourself better today; learn what motivates you when it comes to habits-building and start having effective control over your life.

Why is this beneficial for you:

  • Helping you to understand yourself better and increase your self-awareness
  • Helping you to understand how to be successful in making sustainable changes in your life

What this Habits-Building fitness solution aims to achieve for you:

  • Helping you to identify your goals and steps to achieve it in a collaborative manner with us

What you will get from our Habits-Building Fitness Solution:

  • Life coaching
  • Strength deployment index (SDI)

Outcomes you
will experience
from our
Fitness Solution:

  • Learn what motivates you as an individual
  • Learn how to effectively set goals and work towards it
  • Experience increased productivity in your life
  • Experience increased positivity progressively


Transformation is possible. Positive results is our promise. Speak to us today and expect a new you.

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