Nutrition Coaching Package

Be empowered with skills to manage your diet in a non-restrictive but flexible manner to enhance your fitness goals and wellbeing.


  • Client will no longer be confused as to what to eat to be healthy
  • Client will not only be able to hit their fitness goals, but also MAINTAIN it
  • Client will be able to do so in a non-restrictive manner


  • Client will be taught the most important principles of eating for health
  • Client will be given simple to implement actionables specific to their lifestyles to start being healthier
  • Client will learn how to avoid following fad diets and doing what does not work
  • There will be thorough collaboration between Client and Coach (not a one-sided interaction)
  • Client will be able to update and contact coach via a dedicated platform


Six (90)Mins Sessions over 6 weekends

  • 1 x Nutrition & Lifestyle Audit
  • 4 x Private Nutrition Coaching Lessons
  • 1 x Post Course Review

A small 6 week commitment to equip you for the rest of your life!

Session #1 – Nutrition & Lifestyle Audit

Before any coaching begins, a thorough analysis of your current lifestyle and habits are done. You will be coached through a self-assessment on personal well-being, and together, we will help you gain clarity on how to transform your habits to transform your body and life!

The whole process is extremely interactive and collaborative. You will be given a small workbook to guide you along this path of self-improvement. Each session also ends with a review of previous week coaching objectives to ensure you are keep moving forward in your transformation journey!

Session #2 – Introducing Quality Foods and Easy To Cook Recipes

You will be introduced to the concept of healthy eating through an interactive
supermarket tour! Cut through the confusion and learn once and for all what healthy eating is all about. You will then be taught simple recipes that require no actual cooking and you can whip up in mere minutes!


– How to choose the right types of foods for your healthy eating plan!
– Exactly what is in your food!
– What to look for when viewing food labels!
– How to make simple and healthy recipes that require NO COOKING!

Session #3 – Preparing your own meals Using Dry Spices!

In this session, you will learn a really simple and easy way to gauge your portion sizes! You will then be taught all about dry spices and making your own healthy spice blends. The session culminates with you preparing a very simple and convenient meal with minimal skill and equipment required!


– How to mix and match your dry spices for exciting flavours!
– How best to prepare your food for easy and no fuss dinners!
– A simple system of measuring your food portions that you can use anywhere!
– How to make up a meal using a versatile recipe that requires minimal skill and kitchen equipment!

Session #4 -Making healthy versions of your Favourite sauces!

In this session, you will learn how to make and keep healthy sauces that taste as good as the real deal – minus the calories! You will then whip up 2 simple dishes using these sauces, learning how to customize the meals to ensure you never run out of choice! In this lesson, you will start to gain more confidence with cooking delicious dishes!


– How easy it is to make healthy sauces in your own kitchen!
– How to make tasty and versatile dishes to suit your personal preferences!
– A systemized approach to minimizing your effort in the kitchen, ensuring more success in your lifestyle transformation journey!

Session #5 – Putting it altogether!

Want to know an easy way to flavour your dishes? In this final cooking session, you will learn the secret foundation to making multitudes of recipes! This session will culminate with making a delicious version of your own favourite dish of choice!


– How to make delicious stocks with virtually no calories!
– Mixing and matching aromatics and understanding what makes your favourite dishes so irresistible!
– Putting together your own healthy version of your (not so) guilty pleasures!

Session #6 – Review (14 days later)

Once we’ve equipped you with the skills of healthy cooking, it’s time for you to step out into the world and embrace your new lifestyle! You will be using the various resources provided to maintain your healthy cooking and eating habits.

After 2 weeks, you will check in with us to update us on your progress, as well as allow us to help you troubleshoot your pain points! The support doesn’t stop just because the course is over! (:


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