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Image coaching



A special Collaboration with Ms Olivia Koh, Technical Director of NEXT Salon. Learn how to enhance the way you present yourself to the world when it comes to your hair and find out the right hair grooming techniques for your hair type today.

Why is this beneficial for you:

  • Improve your self esteem and image by learning how hair and grooming techniques can be applied for personal branding in professional and daily setting

What Image Coaching aims to help you achieve:

  • Understand your face shape type and the hairstyles you can pursue
  • Learn how to manage, care and maintain your hair condition long-term
  • Equipping you with the right knowledge in presenting yourself appropriately when it comes to your hair in various settings

What you will get from Image Coaching

  • 2 Hair Designs suited to your features and face shape
  • Coaching in Customized Hairstyling Techniques (Night and Day) suited for your face shape
  • Coaching in caring and maintaining your hair the right way effectively
  • Coaching in understanding right kind of hair grooming products suited for your hair type

Outcomes you
will experience
from Image Coaching:

  • Knowledge in
    • What hairstyles suit you best
    • Right hair styling techniques for your face shape
    • Most suitable hair grooming products for your hair type
    • Ways to care for your hair type most effectively

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