Our 1 to 1 Coaching Programs

Fat Loss/Slimming

Having excess body fat can negatively impact your health, confidence and quality of life.

Fat loss can be extremely daunting and leaves you frustrated with no results. At Elevate360, our fat loss program is designed with practicality and sustainability in mind.

When you embark on your fat loss journey with our coaches, you will get:

  • To set challenging yet achievable goals
  • A personalized training program
  • A customised nutrition plan for your fitness goal & lifestyle and an accountability partner.

The outcome?

A healthier and confident new you ready to embrace an improved quality in life.

Fat Loss/Slimming

Physique Building

Building a physique with lean muscles can be challenging and discouraging without a well-defined plan.

At Elevate 360, our coaches will provide you with:

  • Customised training plan based on your body type
  • Personalised nutrition plan that supports lean muscle building and recovery

The outcome?

Not just a proportionate and lean physique, but a fitter and healthier body!

Physique building

Functional Training

In this digital age, chances are we spend most of our time seated. As a result, we have muscle stiffness, poor flexibility, and even chronic aches and pains.

We believe that these discomfort can be resolved with the right balance of strengthening and mobility work.

In our functional training program you will get:

  • Customised training plan that targets the weak muscles
  • Personalised mobility and flexibility plan which can be done even at home

The outcome?

Better movement and a solution to your aches and pains!

Functional training