Empowering lives for transformation is the mantra of every Fitness Specialist in Elevate360.

With our professional expertise and expanding knowledge on health and fitness, we are well equipped to help you achieve your goals. But more importantly. our Elevate family is fully committed to your holistic wellbeing. We are with you every step of the way, as you journey toward the best version of yourself. We Believe in Long Term Transformations




Twain Teo - Senior Fitness Specialist

Twain Teo - Senior Fitness Specialist

I believe success comes to those who take ownership of their lives. With a clear understanding of what we can control and what we cannot, we will be able to find more satisfaction and progress.

As a highly motivated individual, I have always been proactive in shaping my future. From a young age, I picked up bodybuilding from my father in order to grow my then underdeveloped frame. I became a competitive power lifter as well, and even became part of the founding team of the Singapore Powerlifting Alliance. I am a huge believer in fitness education. While I am continuously pursuing deeper knowledge, I also want to share what I know with others, to inspire them to take the reins of their lives through fitness.

What does Life 2.0 mean to me? It’s about achieving greater ownership of your life, by knowing what you can control, and working on them to the best of your ability.

Tan Chee Chong - Senior Fitness Specialist

Tan Chee Chong - Senior Fitness Specialist

I believe that balance is the secret to wellbeing. Coming from an athletic background, I was suffering from multiple injuries from highly rigorous trainings. I began to realise it was time to take a step back and reassess what I was doing wrong. I soon developed a deep interest in injury treatment and prevention, and started to apply my knowledge in my trainings and workouts. Since then, I have never looked back.

I hope to bring this concept of sustainable balance to those I work with. As we strive towards a better lifestyle, we also need to manage our current one well. My greatest goal is to simplify injury prevention and weave it into the process of improving fitness and form. Ever since I entered the world of reformative training, I have earned multiple accreditations to assist me in fulfilling this goal: Neuro-kinetic Therapy (Level 1 and 2), FMS (Level 1 and 2), ART (Lower Externalities), Diploma in Remedial Massage (Spatec), Deep Tissue Therapy (GWT), Personal Trainer Certification (American Council of Exercise) and KSI Legacy (Level 1).

What does Life 2.0 mean to me? It’s about achieving wellness with balance and harmony.

Kang Goo Young - Fitness Specialist

Kang Goo Young - Fitness Specialist

I believe that true education is what takes us far in life. While many people know what to do and how to do it, they often do not know why. Without a sense of purpose, you will lack depth in understanding. As someone who finds joy in guiding others, I am particularly meticulous about educating them, motivating them and helping them to plan ahead.

Despite my background in accounting, I decided to pursue a sports science degree to further my knowledge of human biomechanics and nutrition. I am also a Certified Personal Trainer (American Council for Exercise), Eleiko Strength Coach (Level 1) and accredited in Precision Nutrition (Level 1). Besides helping people to better understand health and fitness concepts, I also hope to show them that obstacles can be conquered through strong motivation and proper planning.

What does Life 2.0 mean to me? It is about using what you know and have learnt, to make personal progress.

Winsen Citra - Fitness Specialist (Physiotherapy)

Winsen Citra - Fitness Specialist (Physiotherapy)

I believe that curiosity is one of the greatest secrets to a happy life. I have always been driven by my desire to learn, and to find the root of problems. It allows me to do things differently, step out of my comfort zone, and challenge the status quo. It is my way of improving myself.

As I am inquisitive by nature, I find it easy to interact with my clients to diagnose their movement issues. Questioning things and never settling for the current norms, I am able to challenge myself, fight stagnancy and make progress, not just for myself but also for my clients. By digging deeper and expanding my knowledge, I can naturally find the root cause of their conditions and tailor the best treatment for them.

What does Life 2.0 mean to me? It is about continuous learning and opening new doors for yourself and others.

Koh Peh Chia - Fitness Specialist (Physiotherapy)

Koh Peh Chia - Fitness Specialist (Physiotherapy)

I believe that having strong willpower not only boosts strength in other aspects, but also adds to our motivation to fulfil our life purpose. Life is full of challenges and it is a journey. How we spend our time in this journey depends on how willing we are to overcome our obstacles and keep walking towards our goals.

In the journey of providing rehabilitation, motivating and inspiring my clients are my key methods of helping them achieve amazing results and finding new purpose. Because I believe that one person’s willpower can have an effect on another person, I choose to define myself not just as a rehab therapist, but also a friend and a peer in working with my clients towards a common vision.

What does Life 2.0 mean to me? It is about overcoming life’s challenges with unbeatable determination and finding new things to celebrate with each step forward.

Sharon Ng -  Fitness Specialist

Sharon Ng - Fitness Specialist

I believe that life is not something that happens to you, but you happening to it. Only by taking responsibility for our side of the equation then we can grant ourselves the power to improve every aspect of our lives by simply acting and behaving differently.

I used to hate changes and fear failure, and most of all, I detested how my body looked. But I came to realize after all the trials and tribulations of losing weight and eating disorders that, losing weight, or becoming healthier and fitter is not about a push-up or the number on the scale, it is about taking my power back. So I dug up those bad roots, leaving them as holes i begun to fill one at a time with positivity, confidence, passion, strength and love.

I am neither afraid of failure nor changes now. In fact, I reckon failure is an integral part of learning and success, and that if we change nothing, nothing will change. Having been there, done it and still living it every day, I hope to continue helping those who are still plagued by their situations and those who are still looking for their own set of transformation.

What does Life 2.0 means to me? It’s about being the best version we can be at different phases of our lives

Olivia Koh - Image Fitness Specialist

Olivia Koh - Image Fitness Specialist

I believe that to pursue something we love passionately is to experience the fire of life. Being internally motivated by a deep desire leads us to accomplish great things. Personally, I was inspired by my family to cultivate a path in hairdressing and personal grooming. I was able to build my confidence in the art as my enthusiasm carried me through my learning and training. I love seeing people transform into even more beautiful versions of themselves after undergoing hair restyling.

My commitment to my art form has given me great opportunities to work with celebrities and famous figures including Georgina Yeo, Xiaxue, Cynthia Koh, Bella Koh, Chuan Do and Fiona Fussi. Now, with a strong desire to share my passion, I hope to use my expertise to bring out the best in people and make them feel confident to pursue their own dreams too.

What does Life 2.0 mean to me? It is about finding utter fulfilment in your life, doing what you love and using it to support those you love.