5 Things to look out for when choosing a personal trainer

So you have decided to take work with a personal trainer. This is a big step forward in setting yourself up for a healthy lifestyle and a fitter body.

Here are 5 things you should consider and look out for before you decide to commit and entrust your body to the personal trainer:


Anyone who claims to be a personal trainer should have the basic personal trainer’s certification from a respectable organisation. This is to ensure they meet the minimum requirements of being able to handle the client as an exercise professional.


You want to work with someone who is experienced and have helped others be successful. The best is they have a page where you can take a look at their clients’ testimonial or progress pictures.


If a personal trainer that you are considering has bad breath, you should stay away from this trainer regardless of his credentials or success stories even! A personal trainer should have a high standard of hygiene as the very nature of their job is to be in close physical contact with his client.


Personal training is still considered a luxury at this day and age. The local market rate seems to range typically from $90 to $150. There are also gyms and trainers whose rates can go up and beyond that range. If cost is an issue, you can consider sharing a personal trainer with a couple of friends to do a group session.


When you have a talk with your potential personal trainer, be sure to ask them what their training philosophy is like and what are the processes he takes to get his clients to their goals. A good personal trainer will be able to help their client set more achievable goals in a particular time period. They should also point out to the client if their goal is not realistic at this point of time.

So that’s it. 5 things to look out for before you decide to commit to a trainer. A trainer is not just someone who gives you instructions to do exercises a number of times. They are your accountability partner in your fitness journey. So pick wisely!

And finally if weight/fat loss is one of the fitness goals that you have set for yourself, read more on why choose a personal trainer for weight loss.