5 Telltale Signs, Your Trainer Don’t Know What He’s Doing

1. He tells you that you need to starve yourself in order to lose weight.

No trainers worth their salt will tell you to do that. However, in your course of weight loss, you might experience more hunger and it can get unbearable for some individuals.

A good trainer will recommend food or diets that will support both the training and your fitness goals.

2. He says that women should do less weights because it bulks them up.

This is a classic. Whether you are a man or a woman, doing weights does not “bulk” you up. The only thing that bulks you up are the snacks and cookies which you have been sneaking into your mouth daily.

3. He tells you to go on the treadmill during your session.

The treadmill is best employed before or after training either as a warm up or a cool down for heart rate regulation. Sometimes you might find yourself doing intervals during the session. If that is part of the plan then it is fine. Otherwise, your time is wasted when you can be doing weights where you need more supervision and instructions.

4. He prefers to use machines over free weights.

A good training program balances between free weights and machines. Free weights are essential because most they challenge your stability, improves coordination and promotes better movements. Machines do have their place in the program when you are trying to overload the muscles or target a muscle in isolation.

5. He pushes you to the brink of death and you have no idea why.

While your personal training sessions are supposed to feel pretty intense, you should not feel like you are dying or at the very least know why the exercise takes so much out of you. Personal training sessions are supposed to be objective driven and not intensity driven.

I hope that with these 5 pointers, you are better able identify a better fitness professional to work with!

Now that you got those tips to getting more out of your trainings, you might just want to read up more to get tips like; 5 things to look out for when choosing a personal trainer. We are absolutely sure these tips that we have put up for you will help you navigate easily to finding the best personal training partner to achieve your fitness goals.


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