5 Myths About Personal Trainings

1. You will need to train to a certain fitness level before engaging a trainer because there is more value that way

This is highly untrue because personal trainers are trained and equipped to work with clients of varying fitness levels and health conditions. You should be assessed before you start so that the trainer can align you with your goals and your current fitness levels.

2. The more sore you are, the more effective the workout is

You do not need to be in pain or feel soreness all the time after every workout. While hard sessions are satisfying, the soreness you feel after that are not good indicators of an effective workout. Good trainers balance the training and the recovery to prevent injuries and unnecessary fatigue. Prolong soreness will also indicate that your ability to recover is not ideal and you might need to look into your resting and eating habits.

3. All trainers like to torture their clients

You have probably developed this impression from watching movies. A good trainer will actually plan the client’s workout based on their current fitness level and what their fitness goals are instead of pushing them to the brink of exhaustion and convincing them that that is what they need to do in order to get to their goals.

4. Trainers know it all

Trainers are exercise professionals who can instruct and prescribe exercises to help you build muscles and lose weight. However, there is a role confusion when the client assumes that their trainers are qualified nutritionist who can prescribe a meal plan for their needs. Additionally they may also get confused with a physiotherapy who can help them with their injuries. A good trainer knows when to refer their clients to the relevant experts in a timely manner.

5. All Trainers Have 6 pack abs

Do keep in mind that personal trainers are average people like you and I but they have a special interest in helping people get fit and strong. While looking good is a bonus, and provides an inspiration to you, you would want to work with a trainer who is obsessed with your progress than his own.

Hopefully after debunking these myths you are ready to embark on your fitness journey with a fitness professional.

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