10 Things you can do to get more out of your personal trainings

Do not be embarrassed if you think that losing 20kg over 2 months is unrealistic or “greedy”Do not be embarrassed if you think that losing 20kg over 2 months is unrealistic or “greedy”


good personal trainer can help you establish your goals and helps you to break it down into achievable mini goals. However, for that to work you will need to be clear about your goals as well. Do not be embarrassed if you think that losing 20kg over 2 months is unrealistic or “greedy”. A bad trainer will tell you that it can be done and tells you not to worry but a good trainer will give you a reality check and you should appreciate it.


You should always display a high level of commitment to the goal that you have set with your trainer. You need to be committed in your goals in and outside of the gym. Your trainer might advise things like : “eat more fruits”, “drink less alcohol” etc which is to help you get to your goal quicker. Do your best not to belittle or ignore these tips.


Highly motivated clients will spur the trainers to be even more motivated to work with you. If you are the type of client who always makes excuses, turn up late for your sessions or not showing up at all. Your trainer will unlikely display high levels of motivation and energy and that will affect you as the sessions will feel like a drag and you will not feel like you are getting any closer to your goals


Trust is a very important factor when it comes to 2 individuals working towards the same goal. If you are unsure of why you are doing certain exercises, do bring it up at the appropriate times as your session is time based.


While this helps you to build rapport with your trainer and allows you to know him better, it can be a huge distraction and cause you to miss the rest time that was implemented. If too much time is wasted on chit chatting, it is not nice for the trainer to extend your session as the training time has been set.


You can either show up for your session energetic and ready to push yourself or show up half dead and unwilling to do anything. A trainer can be a great motivator but lack of quality rest also robs you of your drive and motivation. Not to mention your ability to learn.


Some clients have the tendency to hide their health conditions either because of embarrassment or the fear that they are not allowed to train as hard if the trainers knew their actual condition. That is a very dangerous thing to do as there are certain protocols to follow for some medical conditions. Providing the most accurate data to your trainer is your responsibility as this affects the type of training you can do to get you to your goal.


Most personal training sessions are 60 minutes, that should be the time spent training. You can maximise your sessions by reaching 10 to 15 minutes earlier to get some warm up in so that it does not eat into your allocated training time.


Before you start your sessions with your trainer, be sure to find out what is the best frequency you should arrive, to reach your goals. Generally I recommend a minimal of 3 sessions per week. While you might say that 3 times a week is costs 3 times as expensive as once a week. However if you consider the fact that once a week of training does not have much impact on your body and you might not even get close to your goals before your package runs out. If cost is an issue to you, exercise some pro activity by asking your trainer what else you can do on your own when you do not have your session.


The final tip but also the simplest. Bring your own bottle to stay hydrated throughout the session. Dehydration can affect your well-being as much as lack proper rest does. Some clients tend to take excessive water breaks as they do not have a bottle with them. You have more time having a bottle within your reach and you are more likely to adhere to the rest time.Now that you got those tips to getting more out of your trainings, you might just want to read up more to get tips like; 5 things to look out for when choosing a personal trainer. We are absolutely sure these tips that we have put up for you will help you navigate easily to finding the best personal training partner to achieve your fitness goals.